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Staff COVID-19 Journals: Brig

This world though. If someone had told me two months ago I’d be in quarantine in March, I don’t think I would’ve believed them. And yet here we are. It’s not all bad, though. I’ve finally gotten more time to work on my creative projects, and the remote learning is not too hard. Plus, I can still talk to friends through Gmail (and maybe check up on some of my thousands of unread messages that date back to the fourth grade). And to think that two months ago I thought it was just the kind of thing kids got worked up over because of all the coronavirus memes. Now look at this fine pickle we’re in. The world has basically come to a screeching halt. Staying inside has its advantages, though. Me and my Mom, Dad, and sister watched Knives Out (SO good) and we’ve been having weekly movie nights with the whole family. I don’t have to wake up at 7:00. This time that we’re living in is absolutely NUTS, though. Fun game: read the Wall Street Journal from any given day the past two weeks. Make a tally on paper every time they mention coronavirus. Even the entertainment section boasts the “Social Distancing Watch List.” The worst part about this is that we don’t know when all of this is going to end. And it is going to be super chaotic when it DOES end. Not that it’s not chaotic now. It is. This is the craziest thing I have ever lived through (which sounds about right, given that I haven’t lived through a ton of crazy things).

By Brigham Larson

Photo courtesy of the website

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