Remote Learning

For years the rumors of technology taking over our lives have circled around. Currently, all students from kindergarten through grad school are experiencing that rumor becoming true. The quarantine has taken a toll on all aspects of a normal citizen’s life and has officially redirected an almost two century old way of learning. Therefore, not only did the change from in-person lecturing to being taught virtually happen, but it was done so forcefully rather than with consent on anyone’s behalf.

On the other hand, remote learning or online learning as our nation has titled this time may actually turn out to be productive and eye-opening. In the article “Public School vs. Homeschooling” by Grace Chen she states, “[i]n recent years, home-schooled children… have conquered national spelling bees, [and] obtained generous scholarships to elite universities…” Obviously, remote learning is still a far cry from homeschooling but they share some similarities. For example, in both situations, students learn from the comforts of home. Also, the children can work on their own time and at their own pace. Perhaps, at the end of the school year people will notice an improvement in students’ school life.

In contrast, a problem teachers and the school board have no control over is the physical fitness of their pupils. While PE teachers can try their hardest by assigning workouts there is a big percentage of students who will be missing out. As an illustration, those who don’t take a PE class and rely on a school sport to stay healthy.

This entire remote learning adventure has very few unique and specifically developed set-in-stone rules. If it has to be extended into next year more difficulties will follow, for example the students won’t know their teachers and vice versa. As of this moment, technology has been nothing but a helpful device to students and teachers other than some struggles involving Hopefully, that won’t change and everyone can enjoy next year positively and with a sense of familiarity in a physical school.

by Peyton Erb



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  1. “Perhaps, at the end of the school year people will notice an improvement in students’ school life.” This is true! Good point.


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