Games to Play with Your Family During Quarantine

During the quarantine due to COVID-19, we have been stuck at home with little to do. Even the grandest of places, take DisneyLand for example, are closed. There are some cool, fun games you can play with your family while you’re stuck. These games are perfect for all. Some of these amazing games include Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, Uno, and many more.

One quick, common game that I enjoy playing is Uno. The objective of Uno is to get rid of all of your cards. You must match the card on the start pile either with its color, the number or the special card. If you’d like, you can just stop after completing a hand. However, if you want to play for a while, you can try to gather as many points as you can, which varies depending on the card you opponents have, and first to 500 points wins. This is definitely one of my favorite games as it is fun to play with your family and it can be very quick. It’s very convenient that such a great game can be taken basically anywhere.

Another excellent game is Monopoly. Although it is a much longer game, it is still spectacular and it involves plenty of skill to beat. The main goal is to be the last one standing by not going bankrupt. You use money you collect to buy properties. Try to obtain monopolies in order to buy houses and hotels which can completely change the course of a game of someone. It can make or break the game. I love the skill you need to beat the game. The fact that it is basically forcing you to make the right choices is cool. Despite the fact that it takes a while (multiple hours to be specific), this game, especially now, is worth your time. There are a few editions you can buy, such as Monopoly: Gamer or Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition.

One final game I’d like to talk about is Scrabble. I recently bought it to try during the quarantine and I loved it so quickly. It requires some smart thinking and some luck. You use your letters on your rack to make words on the board, like a crossword. Letters have specific point values and you must be the one to gather the most points. Utilize previously formed words and the “special” spots on the board, such as the double word space. I really am satisfied with the idea of the game – it offers a nice challenge and it’s a great brain exercise. Even though there is a lot of thinking involved, it is a very enjoyable game to play anytime, day or night.

We may be stuck at home, but there is still plenty to do! These board games are just some of many you can buy and play. Play with your family and enjoy the time together. During these tough times, it also is nice to be able to relax and play a game of Uno or Monopoly. Board games are a wonderful thing to do right now and you should really take time to enjoy these. I rate all of these an 11 out of 10, they are all really exciting and are excellent for spending time with your family.

by Alex Arevalo

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