Teacher vs. Student: Bell Schedules


Greenfield Junior High has gone through many different schedules. Full online, going in-person only twice a week, and finally full in-person. During the online portion of this school year we would join an online meeting with our teachers for fifty minutes, then have a ten minute break in between each class. The bell schedule had changed when the students returned to school. It was a little, but rather confusing change.

For the hybrid and full in-person sections, a new bell schedule has been put in place to stagger the releases of students. Seventh graders are released and have a five minute passing period. After their passing period is up, the eighth graders are released for their passing period. Ms. Hopkins, a seventh grade english teacher at Greenfield Junior, said “I like the new bell schedule so far! The halls are much less crowded which is good for social distancing purposes, not to mention it makes the 7th and 8th graders a more close knit grade group.” 

Some students and teachers have found this hard to keep track of. However, many others found it simple to follow. “I actually enjoyed all the different schedules, but online school was pretty hard to understand. Hybrid was nice because there were less people and it was less stressful.” Julia Webster, a 7th grader at Greenfield Junior remarked.


When 8th grader, Anna Grandil, was asked about the hybrid, online, and in-person switches, she told us, “The changes between online, hybrid, and in person were a little confusing but Mr. Yee’s emails helped me understand it all. I didn’t think we’d go back to hybrid or in-person school so soon, and I’m glad we did. Each of the changes had pros and cons with online I got to stay at home and we didn’t have every class every day, but it was hard for me to stay motivated being on the computer for hours on end. Changing to Hybrid was pretty easy because we still had about the same amount of work and days at home, but again, on the days at home, I had trouble staying motivated while constantly looking at a computer screen. Changing to in-person was a little bit of a struggle, moving from two to three classes a week for each class to five, but I was much more motivated and learning is so much easier in person, and I’m glad we’re back full time.” 

Staff and students have very near similar opinions about the changes and different bell schedules through the first quarter of this school year. Teachers found the bell schedule helpful and useful for helping students social distance. Students found it confusing at first but have grown used to it. Both have found the transitions from online, hybrid, and in person a little disorienting at first but later appreciated the changes. There will be more changes in the future and many people are thankful for the smooth transition so far.

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  1. That was a really long but awesome quote from Anna Grandil. The bell schedules at Gilbert have also been pretty weird but everyone is growing used to it as well.


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