Addyson Hunt


Addyson Hunt is twelve years old and attends Greenfield Junior High. She is a seventh grader and has thought her first year of junior high interesting to say the least. However, Addyson looks forward to lunch time. She is native to Arizona and loves learning interesting facts about her home state. She has lived in both Mesa and Gilbert throughout her life. She loves her family, her dog, and her friends. Addyson likes most all animals, but she said out of all of them, her very favorite is an alpaca. An alpaca, similar to a llama, interests Addy because of its fluff and general interest. Her biggest fear is bunnies. She clarified, “bunnies are just so little, they seem so cute but they want you to think that and there’s also those red eyes.”

She plays on the school football team and enjoys it immensely. When Addyson Hunt was asked why she joined the team, she said “I have been playing football with my dad and brother since I was 8 years old.  I have played other sports too, but I like the intense, physical and competitive nature of football. It is a good challenge for me.” She appreciates the friendships that she has made through the football team already this year. 

Photo taken by Ashley Judd

Although Addy enjoys football, she has many other hobbies as well. For example, she does crafts and just being active at any time. She will run around at any given time. Addyson considers herself a very enthusiastic and energetic person in general. She absolutely loves being outdoors and hiking. Addy also very much enjoys watching movies, specifically, The Greatest Showman. Addyson Hunt enjoys spending time with her family and friends and just being crazy. 

Her favorite color is yellow. She explained it was because this color was bright and happy. Her favorite food is orange chicken, but her favorite dessert is a pizookie cookie, (an ice cream cookie sandwich). Addy adores the Christmas holiday and the happiness that surrounds it. If she could visit anywhere, she said it would be anywhere tropical. She claimed this was because she loves to visit the sun and the beach.  When asked what her  dream was, she responded “to make a difference in the world.” Addyson is a positive, passionate, and cheerful person all the time


  1. Addyson seems like a great person. Good for her being on the football team! To the author: great job with the specifics.


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