Spilling the Tea

Alexus Trenthan GRZEXP

You may have heard people telling each other to “spill the tea.” Well, it has an interesting  background and meaning. The “T” in the word tea is representing “truth” or the “truth about something or someone’s drama”.The letter “T” meaning truth has risen from the drag culture. The Drag Queen that started the rise of this trending word, was named Lady Chablis. She used this in a document that was published is 1994 called, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, who also considered herself transgender”.  Lady Chablis wrote a quote using this slang which is  stated, “ The fact that I’m a beautiful Woman is clear… but the fact that I am a man, well, that’s my T, that’s my truth”, and this was published in 1994. The phrase was brought back up during a TV show called Rupaul’s Drag Race. Now; the generation also known as Gen Z  uses this slang in a way of gossiping or spreading drama.


In the Urban Dictionary “tea” is referred to as “The best kind of gossip” which is typically shared between friends. It’s also known as a bonding tool for people of all ages. Tea is normally about someone you know in our time but it can also extend to celebrities and random internet scandals. When used it is often stated, “Spill the tea sis”. The phrase also has another definition, personal information about somebody’s life; the scoop, news.

 The slang tea has an amazing background story and is quite popular today by being used by many teenagers and students. The phrase tea can be found now in websites as in Top 30 Teen Phrases Today. We have made a name for tea spilling and it will be known for many years to come. Tea is something that’s for sure about to be spilled. 


  1. I was never good at these articles because… well anyone who knows me knows why. Anyway, to me it seems super informational and well researched. Good job Alexus.


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