Among Us

Daniel Garcia GRZEXP.com Staff

Among Us originally began in 2018 with little traction getting 30 to 50 players each hour. But in the late summer of 2020, the streamer Sodapoppin started streaming the game to his followers. Ever since then the game has been spreading like wildfire reaching 100 million downloads, 60 million daily players, and 1.5 million concurrent players. Not only is it popular but it’s really accessible, being cheap and easy to learn. 

To get the basics out of the way there are two sides: up to 10 players are put on impostor or crewmate. The crewmates figure out and vote out the killer while doing tasks they are assigned to. If a dead body is spotted, a crewmate can report it and everyone is put into a discussion to try to connect the dots to figure out who the impostor is. Meanwhile, the killer has to kill enough crewmates so that the number of impostors are equal to the number of crewmates, so that means they need to lie and hide the truth. The impostor can also sabotage several different things like putting the reactor on meltdown or draining the oxygen, in which if crewmates do not solve the problem will result in an impostor victory. But that’s not all the impostor can sabotage, sabotaging lights will limit crewmate vision, disabling communications will not make tasks pop up on the map, and closing doors will lock whoever is in the room for an easy kill. The killer can also vent to different rooms really fast but if they are caught it is a dead give away. While the mechanics that Among Us have while few are still interesting and simple to use.

Among Us Character Video Game graphic. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Copyright-Only Dedication. https://pixabay.com/vectors/among-us-character-video-game-game-5592050/

But that’s not all Among Us has to offer, there are three maps you can choose, all having their own unique features. The Skeld is a Spaceship in which it truly does an amazing job at an intense atmosphere. Mira HQ is a corridor based Headquarters, and the map Polus is way more outdoor based. The three we have is diversity done right, because the maps all feel different. Though on the surface, Among Us seems like it would get boring quickly, but each match plays differently from one another. To add on to the diversity, each one has their own security system like cameras, vitals, doorlog, and admin. Each security system gives information but not too much. However, the bread and butter of Among Us is the discussions. A discussion gets called when someone reports a body or they call an emergency meeting. After the first or second scenario occurs, everyone is supposed to transfer information such as, “Who was last with the person who was dead?” or, “Where was the body?” You cannot talk during any other time to make the discussions have more of a point to them. If you aren’t in person with each other or aren’t in a voice call then you’ll have to use text chat which is somewhat tedious and is harder to give out information. When voting begins, people vote out who they believe it is or they can vote to skip. While Among Us is a party game, there are many different strategies you can do as crewmate and impostor. As an example, if there are two impostors in one room, both of them can take out two people at the same time. Or as a crewmate, you can call an emergency meeting to restart the kill cooldown. All of this strategy makes the game easy to play but hard to master, which is ideal for most games. It looks very cartoony, but the atmosphere is intense, perfect for a game like this. 

Generally speaking, Among Us is extreme fun with friends at a low price, but the game can be improved. I want to see more maps, overhaul the general look a bit, and add more options or even a completely new game mode. With how cheap and high quality this game is, it definitely deserved to blow up and Innersloth the company behind the game  must be very proud of themselves. 

(Featured image is licensed under the Creative Commons Copyright-Only Dedication. https://pixabay.com/illustrations/character-among-us-astronaut-5673115/. Posted in original form.)

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