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Spicer Than Spicy

Nash CoonsGRZEXP Staff

The Dragon’s Breath chili pepper is extremely spicy and is even spicier than the Carolina Reaper. It is so spicy that it can cause death if eaten.  Fortunately, this pepper was made for another reason. Instead, it was made to be used in the medical world.  How could something so dangerous be used by doctors and nurses?

Created by Mike Smith, this pepper can be very dangerous if eaten. This pepper can be over 300 times spicier than jalapenos. It measured 2.48 million on the Scoville scale while the Carolina Reaper maxed out at 1.6 million.  The Scoville scale measures the concentration of capsaicin in spicy foods like chili peppers.  Capsaicin is the chemical that is released when people bite into spicy foods, giving off a spicy, hot sensation in their mouth. When this chemical is released, it reaches receptors in the mouth.  These receptors interpret this chemical as heat so they tell the brain that there is pain in the form of heat. When this happens, the body produces endorphins to block the pain causing numbness.  Endorphins are a type of hormones that are part of the nervous system.  As well as producing endorphins, the body will blister so the heat does not get any farther into the body.  The concentration of capsaicin is too high in the Dragon’s Breath Pepper, so it spreads throughout the blister and reaches more receptors. This can cause a burning sensation for more than 20 minutes.

This can cause many reactions from the body which can be dangerous. This is because the body is sensing this as a form of heat, meaning the immune system is going overload sending heat defenses out of the park. This can cause anaphylactic shock, severe burns and sometimes the closing of a person’s airways which may lead to death. This pepper was not designed for the culinary world.

It may be off the menu for cooking, but it is on the menu for doctors. This pepper was grown to be used in the medical field as a topical numbing anesthetic for people allergic to normal anesthetics.  An anesthetic is a drug that causes a temporary loss of sensation or awareness, known as numbness. These are most commonly used during a major surgery. They work by blocking nerve conduction. When it blocks nerve conduction the brain doesn’t get the message that the body is in pain. This makes the chili pepper another alternative to regular anesthetics.

The Dragon’s Breath chili pepper is no doubt, one of the spiciest foods in the world.  With its incredible capabilities, it will be able to help many people dealing with a variety of problems.  This food will be a big asset to doctors and nurses around the globe.


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  1. What a random but super interesting topic. I loved this article! Great job writing and researching Nash!


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