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Kiersten Mills

Becca Parkes GRZEXP Staff

“What is something about you that makes you eye-catching?” “Ha, my eyes,” she said. Full of personality, Kiersten Mills was born on February 24, 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona. Mills lives with her caring parents, two brothers and one sister. Three cats and one dog live at Kiersten’s place. Believe it or not, all of the cats were born in the same litter and are very close. Kiersten is a kind and very interesting person.

Playing musical instruments has been a part of Kiersten’s life ever since she learned to walk. Spending most of her early life learning the piano, Kiersten is now learning how to play the flute in her 8th grade band class. “…Playing the flute is very difficult, but it is a beautiful sounding instrument and fun to play.” She plans on continuing to play the flute throughout her years in high school.

Kiersten spends her free time hanging out with her pets and friends. “I really like spending time with my friend Becca, she’s been my best friend ever since 2nd grade,” she said. Kiersten’s vocabulary consists of abbreviations of words like family (fam), heck (hek), and flute (phloot). People who spend a lot of their time around her will typically adapt to these choices of words and start using them as well.

This young lady is into many fandoms, her favorite one being Avatar: The Last Airbender. She says, “Avatar isn’t just a regular kids show. It presents abstract ideas, teaches about equality, and has a strong emotional connection to it’s characters and plot.” She recommends everyone to watch it on Netflix and get back to her on how it went. As well as having a great personality, Kiersten is an amazing person. “I’m open to being friends with anyone who needs one. I sit by hall C during lunch if you ever want to talk.”

Kiersten has many hopes and dreams as she is currently working towards and is planning to become a small animal veterinarian in the future. She also hopes to attend MCC (Mesa Community College) to educate herself in the medical field. Mills would like to eventually move back into her childhood home when she is married and have kids of her own. Kiersten is a very outgoing and friendly person who has big plans for everything from tomorrow to death’s door.

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  1. Kiersten definitely seems cool and sweet. Also, the hook was a nice twist on such a difficult article to make unique.


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