Carrabba’s: Is it Superior?

Becca Parkes GRZEXP Staff

Carrabbas is a well known food chain founded on December 26, 1986 in Houston, Texas. A big questions many people ask would be: is the Carrabba’s at the San Tan Village Marketplace as good as Carrabba’s lovers say? Considering COVID-19, many restaurants are currently struggling. Does this make it difficult to accommodate the needs of the customers and are social distancing practices taking place? A few usual questions include, “Do showing up and making a reservation have completely different wait times?” There is a lot to say about this superb place.
First things first, let’s start with the beginning of your visit, parking. Parking is as expected for the dinner rush, busy. However, most of the time you will be able to find a space or two. This Carrabba’s is wheelchair accessible and has a few handicap spaces. When you check-in, you may be asked to wait for a few short minutes before being seated at a table. Making a reservation definitely decreases the wait time to be seated. If you have been to this Carrabba’s before and liked your server, you may ask if they are available. The staff are very friendly and will be happy to accommodate you. When seated, you may take off your mask. There is a table’s space between each party. Lee Judy Crever, who gave five stars on Google Reviews said, “The ambience was comfortable and inviting. The service was impeccable,”. I highly agree with this opinion, the vibe from inside was calming.

My family’s server, Sydney, was very personable and willing to help us with our every need. For an appetizer, my family of six ordered two calamaris. The calamari had a zesty touch and tasted fresh. Next up was salads, I ordered a divine Caesar salad. Compared to Caesar salads I’ve had in the past, this one seemed to have more of a vinaigrette taste to the dressing. The dressing coated the lettuce in a miraculous manner. For the actual main course, I ordered chicken marsala with mashed potatoes. The chicken marsala came with mushrooms on the top, but I was not a fan of them. Personally, I think the mushrooms and the chicken do not mix well. However, the chicken itself was very appetizing on it’s own. It had this outstanding sauce making it rank at the top of the menu. I really enjoyed the mashed potatoes, they were very delicate but filling simultaneously. Overall, everything I ordered came out correct and tasty. Drinks were refilled often and when we were finished eating we were given our bill and a few boxes to take home.

Overall, our service and food was absolutely astounding. The San Tan Village Marketplace Carrabba’s is a very well established building. Carrabba’s gets a five star rating from my family. I highly recommend this local Carrabba’s to anyone who is looking for an outstanding and mouthwatering meal.

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  1. I don’t like mushrooms either… then again I’ve never had one. Thumbs up to Becca for being so detail oriented.


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