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Aliyah Sassmannshausen


Aliyah Sassmannshausen is an 8th grade student and is most definitely not a morning person. Aliyah has four sisters, one brother and two female dogs. She is good towards all of her friends and makes sure they are happy.

Her favorite color is purple because, “it is relaxing to see”. Sassmannshausen has many hobbies that include singing, playing the ukulele and flute. She will some time make her own music or play some good songs. Some things she does in her free time are sleep, draw and watch the anime Haikyuu, along with make tiktoks and facetime friends. Aliyah has a voice of 1,000,000 angles; it is the most soothing thing ever, in her opinion. Aliyah also has a trampoline that she could jump on forever and play with her dogs. Her favorite food is ramen because Alyiah likes noodles and her favorite flavor of ramen is chicken. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because, she will get to see her family and go up to their cabin and have the best time ever”. Aliyah loves to teach herself how to play sports and dance, along with many other things. Aliyah does very good in school and is very helpful toward her classmates. She is also a good person to tell secrets to. Aliyah has never broken a promise, unless it’s something crazy, where she might have to step away.

She is really good to everyone and just an awesome person. Aliyah thinks very little about herself and more about her friends. Aliyah has a really good heart and she doesn’t think the world revolves around her. Sassmannshausen and her family have a strong bond and love to hang out together and be a peppy family. She has the best jokes and will always make you smile. You can never get enough of her, people need friends like her.

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  1. May need some touch-up editing (transitions for example, I don’t mean to be rude but it’s the editor in me) but overall good idea and Aliyah seems great.


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