Are Tests Useful?


Tests can be very stressful at times, sometimes students stay up at night studying and many other effects that can stress students out. Tests cause many negative effects on the students’ grades. Some tests are very useful for teachers but some of them have no point. There are some positive effects on tests but there are many more negative effects. 

First, some students play sports and have many other activities going on at home. Then if a teacher makes you study for a test they have less time to do other things because school comes first. With all this stuff happening with COVID-19 teachers have to find where students are academically after months of being out of school, according to the article “Why teachers shouldn’t give kids standardized tests when school starts” written by Valerie Strauss. It would be more effective if teachers let you study the day before in class. Although tests are useful for teachers there is no purpose for students. We already learn all the information for the class and the test is just all of it combined. I feel like some tests for the government and AZ merit are understandable but the tests at the end of a lesson have no purpose. Tests make teachers stress just as much as the students stress the day before the test. Teachers have to make sure that the test is finished, make the tests, and make sure all the students have the tests. Most students agree with me that most tests are not useful for us or teachers. I think it would be best if teachers didn’t give tests for just the end of a quarter.  

In conclusion I feel like tests have negative effects on students and some teachers in many different ways. They cause stress, loss of sleep time, falling behind on other class homework. Teachers should stop giving tests every month about what we have already learned.

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  1. The argument is developed but I love tests so you will never change my mind on that, ask Parsons she’ll tell you. Either way, good job Brooklyn.


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