Mars vs. Venus: Which Should We Colonize First?


Since the 1950’s, Astronomers have wanted to attempt allowing a human to go into space and discover what lies beyond our planet and the solar system. After Yuri Gargarin, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride exceeded these limits and touched the stars, there was hope in colonizing the planets closest to Earth, such as Mars and Venus. But the real question is, which one? 


For years, folk at NASA have always assumed that Mars would be the one to colonize first.  We discovered that a while back, Mars possessed a  magnetic field protecting it from the sun’s deadly radiation. This was what made Mars a “ Warm, wet paradise,”(How the Universe Works) instead of being destroyed by the sun. However, mysteriously, it lost its magnetic shield, and with that, the possibility for life. Despite this unfortunate event, that occurred millions of years ago. Nowadays, there is a chance for us to colonize there, but is it the right choice? Mars lost its magnetic shield which was the only thing guarding it from the sun’s rays. If we get hit by one of them while we’re there, it will be fatal. 


If Mars is too risky, then why not just set up on Venus, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. The problem with Venus is that we cannot land on the surface. The base of the planet is simply too hot, so Astrophysicists  would have to figure out how to get to Venus, but not land directly on the actual planet ground which is difficult. We would end up having to colonize in the clouds of  Venus, like in Star Wars “Cloud City”.  

However, Venus may be easier to adjust to, for it is a similar size as earth is, which means that the gravity will be similar  and safer as well. It may be less fun than on the moon, but it will keep us healthier because of the similar size, we will prevent bone loss and growth in unnatural ways. 

The most crucial difference between Mars and Venus is that Venus is still protected by a Magnetic shield making it actually safer than Mars because the Sun cannot endanger the planet. 

Even if we do one day find a way to escape the Earth’s pull and journey to our neighboring planets, it will be even more difficult to decide the following, which one? Why? And of course, How? Because of the smart and intelligent minds out there all you have to do is use it. And who knows? Maybe one of you may just find out how.


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