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Panera Bread


 Panera Bread is a restaurant that I love. They  first opened in 1987 in Kirkwood, Montana. Panera used to be called “Au Bon Pain” but then changed their name in 1997. The word ¨Panera¨ means bread bowl. Panera Bread has over 2,000 locations. However,  you can’t find it in every state. 

 When you are dining in they play classical music. The best selling food there is their Mac-n-Cheese. Panera  is rated 2.3 star, It is being rated so low because it is more like a healthy restaurant, so it is not always that first to go to a restaurant. Panera sells whole grain wraps, sandwiches, coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, bagels, and Mac-n-Cheese. This restaurant is expensive because they offer freshly baked bread and soup, which gets done as fast as fast food. Panera has some good reports on how their food tastes and how fast it is served. Also, it has menus for kids if you just want to get a small portion of something. Panera is mainly famous for their bread bowls they serve. That is what they are mainly famous for so most people that go there that is the only thing that they know they serve.

In conclusion, Panera Bread has lots for joyful and kind workers and waiters. Clearly Panera should be rated higher than it is. Not only do you have good workers, but they have good food too. At some locations in Phoenix AZ, you don’t have to pay for your food. People say that Panera is just a healthy place, but they sell Mac and Cheese which I don’t find healthy. In conclusion, Panera is rated 2.3 stars, but they sell some of the best bread bowls. I personally think that they are really good from my experience and I would really recommend them if you ever go there. This place is literally so good, especially if you are really into healthy food.

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