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An Interesting NFL Start


COVID-19 has changed life for everyone quite a bit. It has restricted what people could do and it has closed down many businesses. Even professional sports, such as the NFL (National Football League), have been forced to make many changes. With these changes, the NFL had an interesting start to the season. However, players and teams are not letting these changes affect them and teams persist to put up a tough fight. As an example, the Seattle Seahawks remain undefeated. The question is, how have the rest of the league been doing amid all of the changes.

There were some impacting protocols the NFL forced players and staff to take. As an example, fan noise. Most teams have chosen for no one to attend their games, but some have chosen to allow as much as only 20% of the stadium capacity in, creating quieter games. Sporting News states that “The maximum decibel level for music and other audio [artificial noise] prompts is 75 dBs,” for NFL games. Another restriction put in place is that players are forced to wear face coverings everywhere except games, workouts, and practices. They also limit the actions players can take, such as going out to eat (source: Sporting News). To add on to all these changes in place, players have also decided to opt out of the season, the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns having the most players opted out (ESPN).

Despite the changes players and staff had to take, they aren’t letting it stop them from winning. As an example, the reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, currently are one of the best teams in the NFL, with a 4-1 record as of October 17th. The Seattle Seahawks have also proven to do well, having a 5-0 record. They had some close games against the New England Patriots (35-30), the Dallas Cowboys (38-31), and the Vikings (26-27). Seattle had to give it their all to score some game winning drives, or defending off teams from making the game winning drives. The Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans all have undefeated records, all of them with a 4-0 record.

Coronavirus has certainly impacted the sports world with all of the protocols and changes being put in place. However, teams are giving it their all and putting up good fights. Many games this season have had moments where a team would have to put up a game winning drive or comeback, and would manage to do that. NFL players strived to put up their best effort during the changes the pandemic has forced.

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