There is No Planet B


There is no denying that global warming affects the entire planet at this point. If the correct changes don’t come into play, we will be suffering from the horrible decisions we’ve made in almost all of our time left on the Earth. 

Change in Temperature

The Chart to the left shows a lot of colorful blobs at a first glance, but it’s meaning had far much more than that.  The bluer colors on the globe express that temperatures are below zero degrees fahrenheit. The temperatures that look green on the map show that the climate there about zero degrees celsius. The red and orange represent the record high and extreme temperatures that have a major effect on global warming. The chart wasn’t always so engulfed in red, but due to problems such as air pollution, littering and other issues humans have created, the numbers escalated drastically.


Jane Goodall once mentioned that when she went to the jungle to study chimpanzees; she came to the jungle as a scientist, and she left Africa, as an Activist. She adds,  “We are the most intellectual species that have ever walked on planet Earth, how is it possible that we’re destroying our  only home.” Jane Goodall additionally mentions three main reasons for these problems, human population growth, extreme poverty, and waste. Climate change isn’t going to change in our favor, we have to make that change ourselves. Nature can still win if we give it a chance and if we show some effort in helping to amend it in our favor.

The 3 R’s

You may be thinking, “this stuff is wrong, and it does need to change, but I’m just a kid, what can I possibly do to make a worldwide impact?” There are a lot of small things you can do to make a difference that you may not even realize. To help solve waste issues, you can reuse what you might have once thrown away, like a plastic water bottle. After that’s done it’s job, it, along with many other plastic materials can be recycled instead of thrown away in the garbage. You can also reduce the amount of meat you eat or things you buy that just end up getting thrown away unable to decompose. Follow these steps and you’ll find that every little thing can ultimately make a big difference.

There are many ways you can help impact the environment and our planet by following the three R’s, cutting your diet back from eating red meat, and finding ways to make a change for the better. Although colonization on foreign planets may be a future possibility, we shouldn’t destroy the only home we were aware of for a while. There is no planet B, and we have to remember that.

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  1. Superb job at making such a serious article teen-friendly and not going into all of the unnecessary scientific facts.


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