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Green Bay Packers


The Green Bay Packers are a professional football team in the NFL (National Football League). They are based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They compete in the NFC (National Football Conference) North Division, along with the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and the Detroit Lions. They hold a record of 2nd most overall wins in the NFL, with 759 victories. They have five Super Bowl appearances and won four of the five. Their very first Super Bowl win was against The Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 10, in 1967. The first Super Bowl was played with legendary quarterback, Bart Star, and famous Carrol Dale. This team was a new, awesome team in its generation, coached by Vince Lambardi. 

The following year, Vince Lambardi and his newly advanced team headed out to play the Las Vegas Raiders in the second ever Super Bowl, and won 33 to 14. Then, tragedy struck the NFL world, Vince Lambardi died in 1959, just two years after the last Super Bowl win, from colon cancer. In honor of him, they renamed the Super Bowl trophy from “Championship Game Trophy” to the “Vince Lombardi Trophy.” After Vince Lambardi’s death, a new coach, Phil Bengtson, took his place. After that, in 1970, the Packers went six wins and eight loses, but somehow they were still 3rd in the division. Phli Bengtson quit and the new coach, Dan Devine, took over. The years Dan Devine coached, 1970-1980, the Packers finished 2nd-5th place in the division. In 1980 Dan Devine retired and Don Shula took over. Unfortunately, in 1982, Bart Star retired and Lynn Dicky, Randy Wright, and Don Majkowski all started as quarterbacks for the Packers.

Nine years later, all three quarterbacks retired, so a new quarterback, Brett Farve took over in 1992. That same year, the Packers placed 2nd in the division. Then the following year, they placed 3rd in the division, but they won the Wild Card Playoffs. Then, in 1997, Brett Farve and Don Shula led their team to play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, and they came back home with the Lombardi trophy. They defeated the Patriots 35-21, the underdogs bet the favored. The same year, the coach Don Shula retired and Mike McCarthy took over. In 2007, the best quarterback in the world of football, Brett Farve, retired. This shocked everyone in the NFL world, but what shocked them more is that a rookie from California started for a quarterback. His name was Aaron Rodgers. Then in 2011, they played the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl, and won, 31 to 25. Ever since 2011, Aaron Rodgers and his team have been dominating the league. The Packers are completely crushing this year’s league with the standing, six wins and two losses so far and they are first in the NFC.

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