Teacher vs. Student: Homework or Tests


Homework or tests? Which is preferred by middle school students and staff? Tatum McKnight, Skyelar Valdez, Erica Krick, and Jennifer Parsons have interesting opinions on this. There was an additional interview on a special staff member of Greenfield Junior to see what he thinks. The results of this survey may surprise you.


Tatum McKnight, a 7th grade student, is on team homework. She thinks tests are more difficult out of the two. Tatum knows she can accomplish homework, although she does not enjoy either option very much.

Skyelar Valdez, an 8th grade student, thinks homework “causes stress but it also has a less effect then a test.” This is why he prefers tests. Skyelar says doing a test is, “quick and simple and I tend not to worry about it as much as I do homework.”


Erica Krick, a 7th grade math teacher, has the same opinion as her student, Tatum, of not liking either option. Although, Mrs. Krick thinks it is more important that students are tested than being sent home with more work. Yet, Mrs. Krick still sends her students home with an assignment or two each day.

Jennifer Parsons, an 8th grade English teacher, does not like giving her students a ton of work. She only assigns homework if a student does not finish their work during her class. Ms. Parsons prefers to have her students take tests, specifically Performance-Based Assessments.

Our final interview, the special staff member. The staff member interviewed for a bonus opinion is our very own principal, Brian Yee! He and Ms. Parsons have similar opinions, students should not need too much homework. If Mr. Yee needs to pick between the two, he thinks tests are more important than homework.

It’s surprising that only one of the interviewed people prefers homework. You probably never would have guessed that even your own teachers do not like to hand out homework to you.

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