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Teen Screen Time


How much time do you really spend on your phone? ABC posted that teens spend an average of seven hours per day on their phones. Can you believe that? Teens should start to spend more time with their families or with their friends, at least three hours a day, doing fun activities together. Spending a lot of time on your phone is not healthy because, It can make you feel tired and angry. This also goes for computers, X-box, PlayStation, and Nintendo players. I know how addicting video games can be. Owning a console can be difficult, and sometimes you don’t realize how long you have really been playing for.

Teens really need to start spending more time with their families. If your family is being rude to you just go on a walk, says Freedom. that always makes me feel better. Once you come back ask them to come to the park with you, or play a game together. But if you are feeling lazy BV Track recommends to play a board game together or just talk, to relax your mind from your screens.

Spending too much time on your phone is unhealthy, you will start to feel lazy after about one hour. Then you will start to get tired but can’t fall asleep. After that we will start to get very rude to everyone in your family. I know phones can be very addicting, but you should always take a break no matter how bad you want to. After an hour, you should get some food and some water and take a break! Or you can go shopping at your local store or mall, or go on a bike ride., unless it’s the winter then go and try ice skating. 

Consoles can be even more addicting than phones even though consoles average screen time is six hours a day instead of seven. Watch the clock while playing video games. I always lose track of time while playing video games. One second it’s noon then then it’s 5 o’clock! It really is crazy. A lot of gamers are getting larger because of playing too many games instead of exercising. To stop this, doctors recommend that every time you die in a video game you do five push ups.

  Just remember to take a break every one or two hours from your screen, maybe go outside or get some food or water. Go spend some time with your friends or family, They probably want to spend some time with you too. Spending too much time on your phone can make you feel lazy and tired too. Screens can be addicting, so you should try the push up challenge. But if you don’t like that you can do ten jumping jacks instead. I know it’s hard but just remember to always take a break!

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