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Winter Sports Postponed

Max Wood– GRZEXP

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the United states, citizens have had to sacrifice several of their favorite pastimes. The state of Arizona is no exception. While fall sports were cleared by the Arizona Interscholastic Association they have recently postponed the winter sports of Maricopa county’s schools.

After the crisis of coronavirus began at the beginning of 2020, the governor of Arizona set several metrics in place to help control the situation. These metrics assert that if  SARS-CoV-2, cases pass a certain number then school districts will have to limit person to person contact. This situation is happening to Maricopa county presently. The AIA, which helps with sports across Arizona stated “Only seven of Arizona’s fifteen counties are currently cleared to begin the winter sports season on November 9. Maricopa County is not one of them”( Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Maricopa county’s COVID-19 numbers have been on the rise for the past several months. The numbers are currently at 167 thousand cases, the most in Arizona. Winter sports were cancelled due to the excess of case numbers. These sports include basketball, girls soccer, boys soccer, cheer, and many more that students participate in. The AIA executive director said, “If a school or district meets their metrics, they can begin” ( Gilbert Unified School District does not currently have the most cases out of all districts, but combined with other districts in Maricopa County there are enough cases to shut down winter sports. The county is reeling from the latest attack of COVID-19, the postponement of winter sports is a tragic side effect. The AIA has stated, “At this time, we do not know when Winter sports will be allowed to begin.”(

Winter sports will eventually come back when Maricopa county’s SARS-CoV-2 cases go down. As of yet, Winter sports are not cleared to begin. Corona Virus has messed up the lives of students and athletes once more. 

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