Misused Freedom

Skylie Sorensen– GRZEXP

 Freedom is a privilege, so people could do what they want ,but using it wrong may lead to destruction along with chaos. 

One of the results of why the world has so many laws is because multiple people did something to cause disruption or harm to others around them. An example of this is it’s illegal to mail children, therefore somebody tried to mail their child. The parents of the child had privileges to mail their child,but it seems like they didn’t think about if it was safe for the kid (obviously it isn’t). Looking at the other types of freedoms people can have it brings up a lot more possibilities someone could get hurt. One privilege being the Freedom of speech,meaning somebody can wear or say anything they want as long as it meets some sort of standards. Different settings may have different standards to meet,for instance schools and at home anyone can wear anything ,but at school a student can’t come wearing pajamas. If someone does not meet the standard there may be consequences. Seeing these laws means what a person did before was disrespectful or that it may cause harm and chaos. One is that some students wearing pajamas to school might not be that bad or disrespectful but if a teacher is teaching it may be rude to see that a student didn’t care to dress in formal wear even if it’s comfy. Photo Credits: POSTER FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH
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 > Poster For Freedom Of Speech

 Freedom can be a cause of destruction and chaos to those who don’t use it properly. Now the nation was given privileges,if everyone doesn’t use them carefully or aren’t cautious it could get taken away. Freedom comes with laws, laws are standards that have to be met. A quote by John G. Diefenbaker states “Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong.”

Featured Image: Pixabay


  1. My goodness… I LOVE THIS ARTICLE! It’s fantastic, though the comma punctuation could use some revision (again, sorry the editor in me). Either way, great job.


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