Opinion On School Dress Code

Bridgette Hanson– GRZEXP

For years students have been protesting the dress code. Some say that it is unfair and discriminatory, others say it will not allow them to express themselves or that it is considered style cramping. When making these accusations, people often forget that the rules given are unfair and outdated. School administration should change the dress code to something that complies with modern trends, as well as the dress code being fair to all genders and ages. School administration needs to change the difference in gender dress codes, and allow girls to show their shoulders just like the boys.

https://bangkoktravelpoint.com/bangkok-grand-palace-dress-code.htmlm Photo Credits: Bangkok Grand Palace Dress Code & How to Get There?
Posted on : April 6, 2018 By Kim

When a poll was taken with junior high teachers and students, twenty-nine of the forty-eight who participated said that the dress code was unfair. The dress code is what some would call unreasonable, forbidding accessories such as bandanas for foolish reasons. When asked their thoughts on the topic one student  said that she thinks “ …you should be able to express yourself.” Similarly many are unhappy with the dress code even going as far as using choice words to describe their thoughts on the topic. The standards that many school rules are based off of are outdated; the same goes for the dress code. The same displeasure can be found at other schools. 

With changing times dress code should change too. We see the new era dawning with social reform, government mandates and new technology. With all the new things we are seeing in this day and age the standards of modesty that we once knew are not the same as they were when our parents were in school. If we want to see changes in the dress code we have to make them. We have to set  our own standards of modesty, forging a new path in schools for our future. 

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  1. If you knew me from last year you would know that I was always within dress code standards because apparently, “I have no sense of style.” Or so I’ve been told but I can see your side of the argument which is the whole point of the article. Good job.


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