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Top Ten Best Candy


Candy; the magical word children, and even adults, think about and love. Although everyone loves it, not everybody has the same favorite. There are 50 types of candy and too many to count in those categories. 100 students have been interviewed with the question, “What is your favorite candy?” The top ten favorite candy from students at Greenfield Jr. High are….

#10: Nothing (4 votes)

#9: Skittles (4 votes)

#8: Lollipop products (5 votes)

#7: Milky Way (5 votes)

#6: Snickers (6 votes)

#5: Hershey products (9 votes)

#4: Sour Patch Kids (9 votes)

#3: Kit Kats (10 votes)

#2: Reese’s products (11 votes)

Of all the millions of selections of candy, the most popular and enjoyed candy within the walls of Greenfield Jr. High has finally been determined. The winner is….

#1: TWIX! (15 votes)

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