Eight of the Grossest “Delicacies” to Ever Make it on Survivor

Ashlyn Johnson– GRZEXP Staff

 Would you be able to gobble down a spoonful of ants? Or perhaps Beetle Larvae? What about Mangrove Worms? The reality TV series Survivor has been airing since 2000. In the past 40 seasons, viewers have seen plenty of revolting, stomach churning challenges that the contestants have encountered. If you’re a survivor fan, you already know what I’m talking about. The brave souls have done everything from taking a shot of fresh cow blood to devouring a tarantula. The question is whether you have the gut to overcome whatever gets thrown your way, whatever winds up crawling around your plate.

In case you aren’t already aware, Survivor is a reality-competition TV Franchise that features a group of contestants marooned in an exotic location. You may start out with a mere bag of rice…but nothing more. Food and water are things you must learn to provide for yourself if you want a chance at winning this game. Don’t go around thinking the producers of the show are mad men, there are medical professionals and plenty of safety precautions taken during the show, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. The castaway’s are divided into two or more tribes that are forced to build a fort and compete in challenges to survive. The losing team of each challenge must attend tribal council, where one member of your tribe is voted out of the game forever. The goal of the game is to be the last person standing, to “outwit, outlast, and outplay” all other contestants for thirty difficult days in the wild. Facing mental breakdowns, unrelenting weather, and unforgiving hunger, you must define the line between those who you can trust…and the ones who will stab you in the back. 

An important factor in staying alive in this game is to win challenges. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the challenges are any cake walk. While some are incredibly physical and dangerous…others are so disgusting you’ll find yourself having to part with the couch and wander to another room to calm your nausea. Many of the challenges are “food” challenges, where contestants will have to force down local “delicacies” to succeed. Just because the hungry contestants claim that they’d eat anything, they may want to think again. I doubt foods like the eight “delicacies” below are anything near what they had in mind.

  1. Cow Blood – It’s Fresh!

Contestants on Survivor: Africa watched in dismay as blood was drained from a live cow and into a large jug. The host stirred in some milk and watched as tribe members took turns gulping down shots of the red goodness.

  1. Pig Brains

On Survivor: Caramoan, contestant Yung Woo Hwang devours pig brain in less than five seconds. Pig brains aren’t the only pig body part that’s come up on the survivor’s table. In the past, contestants have even choked down pig snouts!

  1. Scorpions

Yes. Unimaginably, there have been contests on survivor where contestants have chowed down boiled scorpions. On Survivor Thailand, two visiting loved ones of survivor contestants finished their scorpions and moved onto the next round for the chance to spend time with their loved one. Additionally in this challenge, the loved ones enjoyed crispy, juicy water roaches, though some couldn’t even bring themselves to force a taste. 

  1. Spoonful of Ants
Photo Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Army_ants.jpg File:Army ants.jpg
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Once Again on Survivor: Thailand, the survivor contestant’s visiting loved ones, for a reward, forced a monstrous spoonful of ants down each of their throats, doing everything in their power to keep it down. 

  1. Chicken Heart

Could you keep down a chicken heart? This wasn’t the only strange animal organ that Survivor contestants have had to gulp down. Fish eyes, duck embryos, and even baby turtles have all been used for these Survivor challenges! 

  1. Tarantula

You heard it. On Survivor: Thailand, each  one loved one could choke down a boiled tarantula and get to spend that day with their loved one. 

  1. Pig Intestines

Another lovable pig organ comes your way with the Survivor: Blood v.s Water food challenge, “Pesky Palate.” This special delight was not one that many contestants could hold down. Pig Intestines aren’t the ideal snack. 

  1. Sea Slugs

Sea slugs were one of the many slimy creatures that were left alive for the consuming. Grubs and mangrove worms were also left to wriggle around in the bowl and soon in your mouth as you plop them inside one by one. 

After considering the disgusting treats Survivor contestants have had to force into their stomachs, do you have what it takes to keep it down? 

Featured Photo Credits: https://www.cntraveller.in/story/how-to-eat-insects-and-bugs-an-honest-guide/

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  1. Wonderfully long article (I’m not being sarcastic, I promise) but just reading about the show has made me add it to my “Do Not Watch List”. Thanks for the early warning because I was actually going to take the advice of an apparently evil friend and watch an episode… not anymore.


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