Raegan Sand


Raegan Sand has lots of friends and is an important person to all of her friends because she is so funny.  Haven Rossi is Raegan’s best friend, they have been friends for about two years. Haven Rossi’s life would not be the same without her. They always have fun around each other, and they both agree on almost everything. 

Raegan loves to play a video game called Among Us. If she could, she would play it every day, all day. This video game was invented in 2018, and came really popular in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is her favorite game to play during her free time. 

Photo of Reagan Sand, taken by Samantha Rinard

Raegan facetimes her cousins every day for about two hours! She loves her family so much. If she ever went on a dream vacation she would take her cousins to Alaska. They would play in the snow, and sit around the fire while drinking hot cocoa.  Her family would never want to leave. 

Raegan’s biggest fears are spiders which is usually but if she saw one she would get so scared. She tries to kill them but she would rather someone else do it like one of her family members. Another fear of Reagan’s is relatives dying. It would be very sad for her. It would be hard for her to come out of her room and talk to people. She can’t imagine going through that pain. 

Raegan Sand’s hero is Dwayne Johnson, “Dwayne Johnson is my superhero because in the movies he has represented a superhero and he does a lot of things outside in his own life to help others, which is what a superhero does! He has also helped so many charities throughout his life.” So said Raegan Sand. 

She loves the quote, “winners never quit and quitters never win”.  It always inspires her to do better and not give up. She always tells her friends this so they don’t just give up on themselves and it is always good to stay positive. 

Reagan is a sweet kind person who loves everyone.

Featured Image Credits:

Samantha Rinard

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  1. I assume she’s a seventh grader so I haven’t met her but Raegan seems like a great girl. Also, good article.


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