Yadirah Galindo


Yadirah Galindo, an 8th grade student at Greenfield Junior High, is a trustworthy and funny friend. Being raised in a mexican household gave her some interesting childhood experiences. Galindo went to Finley Farms Elementary school and made some lovable friends which she would stay with in the future.

Born on December 12, 2006, Yadirah lives in a family of four which includes her dog, a chocolate lab. She doesn’t enjoy her older sister’s company much, but still loves her. Yadirah is also musically talented and knows how to play the violin, though she says she isn’t that good at it. Another one of her hobbies is watching musicals, her favorite being The Sound of Music. “It’s a classic,” Yadirah says while talking about the musical, “it was [made] in the 1960’s.” Something about Galindo that really helps define her personality is her dark sense of humor. Anyone with similar ideas of comedy will probably like to spend some time with her. When asked what her favorite class was this year, Yadirah states “I’m not good at math but I like it cause I know people in there, or spanish because I already speak spanish.” On the other hand, her favorite subject in school is English. “I’m not really good at school,” she says. Yadirah doesn’t know what career she would like to pursue in the future yet, but will keep working until she gets there.

Yadirah may be a funny and kind person, but there is also a dangerous clumsiness to her. In first grade she fell off of her bed and hit her chin so hard that she ended up having to get stitches. She fell off her bed just earlier this school year again, luckily she was not badly injured this time. In seventh grade she accidentally broke another student’s glasses during a basketball unit in P.E.. A failed attempt at throwing a basketball to Alessy Madero ended up breaking off one of the glasses’ temples. Those were just a few examples of Galindo’s inelegant nature, as there have been many more humorous instances throughout the years.

Yadirah Galindo is a humble person, a good student, and a helpful friend. Her unique personality and love of all things Christmas makes her especially different from the average middle schooler. Galindo is not one to follow the crowd and at the end of the day that’s what makes her such a lovable person.

Image Credits:

Alessy Madero


  1. I agree with the previous comment, remarkable job Alessy though I had no doubts. Also, while I was reading the part where you described Yadirah’s humor, I took a wild guess and said you guys must be friends. I reached the end of the article and lo (yes I believe that’s how you spell lo in this phrase) and behold, you seemed to still like her even after she broke your glasses. Meaning, either you’re better than I thought at concealing your feelings or you guys are actually friends. Sorry for the long comment but I wanted to say that and I know how Alessy gets annoyed when I talk too much.


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