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“Can You Repeat That?”


During class many teens don’t know what is going on when the teacher, Mrs. Zhou, asks them a question. There was a survey taken asking if they zone out during math class. 19 people were asked, 17 people said yes and two said no. According to this information, more people do not pay attention in this class. When the teacher  asks someone a question they usually say “Can you repeat that?” This annoys the teacher. 

Picture this: it is the seventh hour and everybody is ready to go home because it is the last hour of the day. Nobody wants to learn, so that means nobody is paying attention. When it is Friday afternoon teens can’t wait for the weekend, so they are always thinking about what they are going to do, what friends they are going to hang out with and so much more. They should be more focused in class because soon they will have to graduate high school and maybe go to college. 

Do teens get enough sleep, do they spend too much time on their phone? The article “Why can’t my child concentrate at school,” says that kids don’t get enough sleep, and they have too much screen time. There are many reasons why students ask the question “can you repeat that?” Teens should be limited on screen time and not going to bed at 11  at night. The article also says “The first thing you can do is ensure your child is getting enough sleep,” A student named Paige Francis said, “all my friends always talk about how they go to bed at two AM.” This is why teens are not paying attention in class. 

Mrs. Zhou says “I definitely do not like it when students ask that question or when I have to repeat the question.” It is even annoying to students who have to wait until the other student answers the question. Teens should be paying attention in class to have a better education.

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