Opinions Teacher vs Student

Eating in Class

GRZEXP Staff: Alexus Trentham

Nowadays, one of the biggest discussions between students and teachers is eating in class. There are many different sides to this conversation. Many groups believe that eating in class should be allowed in class more often while others believe that you should wait for lunch and eat during breakfast. Here are some quotes taken from students and teachers here at Greenfield Jr High.

Isabel Venegas, a 7th grade student states, “I feel like it should be allowed but not during Covid-19 or the virus. People may also start asking for some and it will disturb the class.” 

Jace, a 7th grade student says, “I feel like eating should be allowed in some classes while others as in science it may not be safe.”


Bridgette, a 7th grade student, said, “I believe students should be allowed to eat in class because it was proven that allowing teens to eat during class helps them focus and remember things they learn.”

Max Wood, an 8th grade student says, “ I think it should be allowed to some extent but should be cleaned up right away.”

With this only being some of many quotes it is conferred that students believe that here at Greenfield students should be allowed to eat during classes. Multiple teachers were also asked their opinion on the matter. Underneath are a few opinions from the loved teachers here at school.

Mrs. Harrop, one of the 7th grade math teachers said, “I believe it is best to eat a healthy breakfast, so you can make it to lunch without eating during class.”

Ms. Bowers, a history and English teacher states, “If students keep their area clean and throw all trash in the garbage, I think snacks are ok at each teacher’s discretion.”

Mrs. Parsons said, “I do not allow eating in my classroom because everyone ends up making a mess. Also, I normally always get students with peanut allergies and others so i need to make sure it is a safe environment for them.”

This subject will most likely always be a subject on teachers and students’ minds alike. This being one of the biggest problems in school will most likely never have a solution, for everyone has different opinions and beliefs. Eating in Class definitely has many different sides and will most likely be one of the funnest conversations to listen to.

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