GRZEXP Staff: Alexus Trentham

Trust, precision, focus, and strength are some of the biggest factors in volleyball. 

Haikyuu is an anime or T.V. show about volleyball with the main team as Karasuno. 

The show takes place in Miyagi Prefecture in Northern Japan during the years  2012-2013.

The main characters are two high school boys named Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama. 

Hinata being around 162 cm; has a dream to become like the Tiny Giant, a famous volleyball player and the team’s ace. Kageyama being 181.5 cm was an amazing setter during middle school who was demanding. At first, both disliked each other but they learned the true meaning of working as a team and passed the rest of the first years.

The show can also teach about the rules and spots in volleyball.

First there is the ace; the ace is a power spiker and scores most of the points (Asahi).

Next is the wing spiker also known as the opposite hitter (Tanaka). They also spike the ball and help score. There is also the middle blocker and outside blocker (Tsukishima, Hinata, others). They focus on blocking the ball so the spiker can’t land the ball on the other side. Players can also serve and receive   ( anyone). Lastly, there is the libero (Nishinoya). The libero can only receive but they got the teams back by saving all the volleyballs.

The captain of the team is Daichi Sawmara who is also the “dad friend” of the group. The volleyball club practices every morning and night hoping to win and go to the nationals. They face many challenges and hold practice matches with other teams in different prefectures. 

Haikyuu is a very enjoyable show that you can watch with your family. It is rated 12+ in ages. This anime is great for those who play or want to learn volleyball along with if you enjoy a show that makes you wait and get chills down your back. After being published in 2012 this four season anime has won the hearts of many watchers and will be watched for years to come.

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