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The Way of Kings

GRZEXP Staff: Max Wood

The Way of Kings is an amazing book written by Brandon Sanderson and published on August 31, 2010. The book is 1008 pages and each and every one is filled with character development and plot points. The Way of Kings is about a continent called Roshar. This nation used to be powerful and filled with honor but since the knights radiant fell it has become dark and damp with men not being able to trust each other. The knights radiant were a group of men that were bonded with spren giving them powers. Spren are little wisps of light that appear with emotions. But the spren that the knights bonded with fled or were killed. 

When the knights fell they left shardblades and shardplate, mythical swords and armor that can cut through anything and block almost anything. Most of the blades have come to the country called alethkar. It has been thousands of years since the radiants fell. Althekar had been 10 different princedoms until Gavilar Kholin united them through bloodshed and horrors. Gavilars brother Dalinar is the mysterious blackthorn who could kill anyone and basically single handedly brought the ten princedoms together during the war. After reading through that background you meet Kaladin, a soldier who was enslaved for reasons unknown. He is assigned to be in a highprinces army.

 Six years ago Gavilar was assassinated by the parshendi. After the assasination the Alethkar nation swore vengeance and has been waging war on the parshendi for 6 years. We then meet Shallan, the other main character. Her family is in ruins after her father dies and she is trying to bring back their honor by shady means. She goes and becomes a ward to Jasnah Kholin who is the daughter of Gavilar. All these characters are all exciting members of the plot. 

This book is amazing. Over 1,000 pages but every one of them is invigorating and interesting. This book is the first book in the stormlight archive series. He just released his fourth book. All of them are amazing and have more than 90% like rate. These books are definitely worth the read. 

Featured Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Crown_Kings_Bavaria_Munich.jpg

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