Entertainment Short Story

Short Story: Siri’s Watching You

GRZEXP Staff: Tessa Abbiatti

It was just a normal night, I was getting ready for bed, I turned off my phone and the lights. I crept towards my bed and snuggled under my covers. I closed my eyes thinking about tomorrow and what I was going to get on my math test. Let’s face it, I told myself, I am going to fa- but my thoughts were interrupted by Siri. “I am watching you, I always have and I always will.” Said Siri. 

I sat straight up in my bed, ripped of my covers and ran towards the door, sprinting towards my parents room screaming. I opened the door and ran to them, jumped on there bed, ripped of there covers. Expecting to see my parents but instead i just saw there phones. Both were on and both Siri’s said in unison,”See, anywhere you go I will always watch you and I WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU!!” she yelled. Hearing that caused me to scream and faint. I woke up a few minutes later to find my parents shaking me awake and saying my name,”Tessa!! Tessa!! TESSA!!” i groggily opened my eyes and sat up. “Honey what happened?” my Dad asked. I had a sudden urge to not tell them.”I-i don’t know” i lied. “Well let’s get you back to bed.” said my Mom in her worried voice.

https://www.pngwing.com/en/search?q=siri Siri iPhone 4 Apple iOS 7, apple, gadget, mobile Phone, mobile Phones png

She sat me up as I almost fell over trying to stand, and helped me walk to my room. But I wasn’t tired, I was wide awake. She tucked me into bed with a worried face and as she turned off the light she said,”Good night sweet heart. I love you…” I just looked at her and said,”yeah, ok Mom… love you good night.”

As I drifted off to sleep, I heard Siri again,”I HAVE YOU NOW!” i was about to scream but i couldn’t as i got sucked into a bright white light. And nobody ever saw or heard of me again… and no one could ever find my phone.

Featured Image Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:IOS_7_Siri.png

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