Winter Sports Dilemma

GRZEXP Staff- Max Wood

COVID-19 has affected the school aged Arizona citizens in many ways. First was the disrupting of the school schedule throughout the end of the 2019 school year and even into the 2020 school semester. Even though the vaccine has recently been released, numbers of cases have continued to rise throughout the state. On January 8, 2021, the Arizona Interscholastic Association, or AIA, passed a motion in their board meeting to cancel the winter sports season for all highschools. After this announcement parents and students were shocked. Players preparing for winter sports suddenly found themselves without a sport to be in.  

In fall 2020, the sports governing body let fall sports go forward with restrictions but still let them play. In the beginning of winter they started to let winter sports play until suddenly after the cases rose they shut it down. The Arizona interscholastic association after shutting down the sports received such backlash that they were forced to make another emergency meeting which happened on the 12 of January. In this meeting the AIA decided to let winter sports continue with all players being forced to wear masks. The organization has stated that “All students, coaches and officials will be required to wear a cloth mask or gaiter for the entirety of a game/contest.” and “Up to two parents or legal guardians may attend their student-athlete’s home games as allowed by the school and county guidelines.” (AIA,

COVID-19 has affected schools and sports all around the country. Winter sports, the source of all questions for athletes in Arizona, are back on. With these new guidelines set forth the winter sports season will be back online. With less fans and athletes being forced to wear masks, several people are wondering if it is even worth it to have a winter sports season.

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