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NFL Playoffs

GRZEXP Staff: Daniel Garcia

The NFL is currently approaching the end of the regular season and by this time people are coming up with the playoff picture for 2021. We have teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers who almost lost to the Ravens but are still undefeated, and we have teams like the Arizona Cardinals who went from being 5-10-1 to a possible wildcard spot. Whatever happens in the next five weeks it will be very entertaining to watch teams spectacularly fail or barely win. But who will most likely get in the playoffs and who will not.

To start off, the National Football Conference top teams are the Saints, Seahawks, and the Packers. Last year all went into the playoffs and came out without a trophy from Miami. The Packers lost in the Conference Championship, Seahawks lost in the diversion, and the Saints suffered a loss in the wildcard. All teams have no more than 4 losses and have at least 8 wins. But the Giants despite being 5-7, can still be in the playoffs because the entire NFC East has more than 7 losses and less than 4 wins. The Rams and Buccaneers need to catch up to be leading in their division. The Cardinals are struggling as they head in the stretch but have the next two games against the Giants and the Eagles. Fansided says that, “The Saints should demolish teams during the regular season. New Orleans is arguably the most talented team in the NFC. Their only competitors are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even then, few teams boast as many superstars as New Orleans.” To elaborate, the same site said that the New Orleans Saints have a ten percent chance to win the super bowl, that may not sound that high but other teams have way lower chances of winning the big game.

The other conference, the American Football Conference has the leading teams of the Pittsburg Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Tennessee Titans. The Steelers currently have only one loss to the Washington Redskins. The Kansas City Chiefs who had won Super Bowl LIV have an easy lead in the AFC West and will probably win it. The Titans are 8-4 with a division tiebreaker with the Colts. The Bills lead one game in the AFC East at 9-4. The Miami Dolphins are one game behind in the AFC East but will go against the 2-8-1 Bengals. While the Colts are in a similar situation in the AFC South being one game behind. too. Out of all the teams, said that, “ESPN has given the Kansas City Chiefs a 21 percent chance to win Super Bowl LV.” The Steelers despite being 11-0 still doesn’t beat the Chiefs probability to win the super bowl. The percentage to win is way higher than the Saints chance to win it all.

To sum it up, these year playoffs are full of unexpected teams who could somehow inch their way into the playoffs. The Colts, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and the Cardinals all were teams that were all third or last in their division in 2019 and somehow have a chance to reach the promised land. Teams like the Packers, Chiefs, Steelers, Saints, Bills, and Titans all have a high probability of making playoffs. Whoever wins or loses the yearly competition must go on.

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