Singles Awareness Day

GRZEXP Staff- Bridgette Hanson

When we think of holidays about love, the first thing to come to mind is Valentine’s day but for single people this holiday is just a blaring reminder of what they have failed to achieve in the past year. Noticing this problem Dustin Barnes created Single’s Awareness Day in 2001. The holiday became official in 2005 and occurs on February 15 the day after Valentine’s day. This modern holiday got extremely popular in 2009 and has been celebrated around the world since then. The holiday was created to celebrate being alone but its acronym is far from cheerful. File:Valentinesdaytree.jpg

Single Awareness Day also known as S.A.D. is an uplifting holiday to celebrate being single but is not viewed that way by all. Lillian Suwanrumpha with INSIDER says “ The holiday seems just like a reaction to Valentine’s Day.” But this looks to be a minority opinion. One of the most popular ways to celebrate this holiday is to give small gifts to one another and have gatherings at bars and restaurants with friends. Although with COVID-19 this year it is unwise to gather to celebrate this small holiday you can still treat yourself to a small gift and a nice socially distant dinner to celebrate.

 Even if you have not procured a relationship this year that doesn’t mean that you can’t practice self love during these trying times. “Self-love is critical for happiness in your life,” according to You can give lots of love on this holiday. While you may not want commitment that comes with a relationship you can start with yourself making time for all the little things in life that matter. Many say that they dedicate time for themselves regularly in order to decompress and destress. It may be as simple as taking a nice long bubble bath but if it makes you happy go for it. You don’t need a relationship to be happy just as this holiday proves. 

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