Bathroom Breaks – How Many Should Be Given To Students?

GRZEXP Staff: Becca Parkes

While growing up in the American School System, I have experienced many instances of limited bathroom usage. Whether or not students should be expected to hold it has proven to be a conversation sparking topic. Teachers can argue that class time is strictly for classwork. On the contrary, students can’t control when they need to go. Passes may be given to students, but there should only be a limit when the situation calls for it. 

All students should be provided with their own bathroom pass to use. Community bathroom passes are unsanitary and raise concern in the spread of diseases. After every bathroom break, cleaner should be provided for each student to clean their pass. To avoid distributing this many passes and cleaner, teachers could have two class passes that students place on their desk when absent. After their usage, students place the pass back in it’s recognized space.

Understanding the pros and cons of limited restroom usage is the key to finding how to deal with it. “Using the bathroom should be respected as a basic human right,” said Bridgette Hanson. The restroom is a privilege, there should be no restrictions unless needed. Abuse of this privilege should result in passes being taken away unless an emergency occurs. Some examples of this include when a student uses it to skip class or cheat on an assignment. These are red flags the teacher should be able to notice in order to enforce the rules of the school.

It seems that many people believe in the previous statement of the restroom being a privilege. However, Savannah Pechac, a student from ASU, proposes a new way of how passes should be distributed. “It’s hard to have a standardized amount of bathroom breaks considering a student’s health and emotional needs.” She said. She continued saying some students may need a break from class. Every teacher should have a given amount of passes each week. About four to five is an appropriate amount for each student each week. There should be no consequences for a student who uses the restroom; students should not feel wretched for basic humanly functions.

Bathroom passes are a debatable subject, but there are many solutions to the problem. An open minded community is the best way to find new ideas and put them into action. Students deserve a lot more than they are initially given.

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