Instagram vs Snapchat

GRZEXP Staff- Alexus Trentham

For many years some of the biggest social media platforms bring in users because of demographics. Snapchat holds its place as one of the most used platforms with 187 million daily users, but Instagram is put in second place in the race among all platforms combined  with 400 million daily users. Although all of this may change as social media platforms go head on in the competition for the key age groups. 

Both Instagram and Snapchat usage increases significantly at a $70k mark when looked at through the lens of household income. Instagram usage increases again at the $100k mark, perhaps due to the way Instagram lends itself to conspicuous consumption and “Instagram celebrities” who show off their style, photos, and tips that anyone can see. Global penetration is where instagram significantly rules over snapchat. Both do well in the US, each over 100M users; but Instagram’s popularity in other countries such as Brazil, India, and Indonesia give this platform the clear win.

Snapchat was founded by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy in 2011 while being students at Stanford. In July, 2011 “Picaboo” the precursor of Snapchat was released by the co-founders. Right afterwards Murphy and Spiegel forced Brown out of the company and re-launched the company as Snapchat in September, 2011.

During 2010, Kevin Systrom released Instagram, a photo and video-sharing social media application. The first prototype of this platform was called Burbn, which was inspired by Kevin’s love of fine bourbons and Whiskeys. Instagram platform was launched in October. 

Each platform has pros and cons as most do. First, Instagram has some advantages and disadvantages while using it. One of the advantages is that you can grow your friend group and meet new people through chatting in dms. A lot of people can see your feed so you can have access to a wider audience to engage your services to. One of the cons of using Instagram is that it is showing a fake life to most people. Sometimes when scrolling through your feed you may find someone living the time of their lives. It changes your attitude towards things when in reality it’s just a picture they posed for.

Secondly Snapchat, this app has multiple pros and cons of usage. A pro to the platform may include that it’s an easy way to provide experience. “Every social media option allows people to interact with one another or experience the pros and cons of a product they’re wanting to purchase. When Snapchat is used, the environment is more casual compared to what Facebook or Twitter provides” (brandongaille). A con of using this app is that it is often found addictive. “Although not everyone is attracted to the type of content that is shared on Snapchat, those who are find the content sharing options to be very addictive. You can spend lots of time using the different filters to create unique looks that can be shared with others. Just like instant messaging and texting took over the attention of people when those technologies were first introduced, Snapchat creates a similar outcome”(brandongaille).

At the end of the day both social media platforms have got the hearts of many users. Each app has some advantages and disadvantages of usage as most things do and an interesting backstory. Instagram and Snapchat are some of the biggest platforms and will most likely be for multiple more years to come.

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