Teacher vs Student

Hybrid Schedule

GRZEXP Staff- Tessa Abbiatti

Have you ever wondered what a teacher thinks on our new hybrid schedule? Well today i am going to tell you what Ms.Kikkert thinks on this new schedule. Along with some other students, including a seventh grader named Elisia Borquez. Now lets see if our students and teachers’ opinions align.

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Ms. Kikkert is impacted daily by the schedule changes, not just at school but in her daily life as well. From needing to grade but not having enough time to students not getting their work done. Allison Kikkert says, ”The staggered bell schedule may help our Covid cases, but it really comes down to what the students and teachers do outside of school.” Ms. Kikkert believes that the hybrid schedule is giving students and teachers more time to teach, but causing less work to be done by the students and teachers alike. Allison (Ms. Kikkert) finds that with this new schedule she has to plan ahead a lot more and post multiple assignments at different times. Leaving a lot of room for error.

Elisia Borquez says, “I think the hybrid schedule is a good idea because I get more down time and I have more opportunities to spend time with friends and family.” Because of this new schedule Elisia believes our Covid cases will shurley drop, letting her go back to school full time to see more friends. Even though she is away from most of her companions, Elisia consiters the hybrid schedule a good thing because it helps her get more work done. She also thinks the staggered bell schedule is  helping deplete our Covid cases because not all of the students are coming out at the same time reducing the amount of people touching each other. She also thinks it helps in the line of work, because it gives her more time to get more things done.

The schedule may continue changing in the future, as well as our students and teachers opinions. 

Featured Image Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Heiwa_elementary_school_18.jpg

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