Teen Hangouts


Where do teens hang out all the time? Paige Francis says, “the mall.” When teenagers get together they usually hang out at someone’s house or they go to the mall. There are many places to go to inside the mall. Some people do not like the mall because they might not want to walk around and spend money. Sometimes people have a little birthday or get together at the mall. 

These are some popular stores and why teens like them. Vans, because everyone at school wears this type of shoe. Weztl pretzel, they have amazing pretzels there and it is a great snack to have when you are walking around. Two other stores are Boba Tea and Dutch Bros, these stores are usually at the mall, but they are really popular to teens. Another one is Starbucks, Starbucks was really popular but now Dutch Bros is slowly taking over. 

There was a survey taken between all the stores and the most popular store was Wetzel Pretzel. Max Wood says, “The store has food and I like pretzels.” From this survey most teens just want to eat food. Usually only girls would like to go to the mall. Most boys want to sit at home and play video games. 

The year 2020 and 2021 with the coronavirus most parents don’t want to take their teens to hang out with their friends. Now people are getting together at a neighborhood park. People ride their bikes or scooters to the park. Most friends live really close to each other, making it easier to meet up at someone’s house or a park. 

Usually teens agree on anywhere to go unless they are allergic to the food there or one of the teens can not meet up on that day. The mall offers many teen friendly places to hang out and shop at. 

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