Hybrid Schedule


As a result of the global pandemic known as the coronavirus, schools have been struggling to find a way to safely get students in schools. This has become increasingly difficult as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Currently, Greenfield Junior High school is one of many schools going back into a hybrid schedule for a number of reasons.

The hybrid schedule separates the students by last name so that they only go to school two days a week. Students with a last name starting with a letter between A and L will attend school on Monday and Thursday, while those with a last name starting with a letter between M and Z will attend school on Tuesday and Friday. On the days they do not go to school in-person they are still expected to check their classes online for any work their teachers may have posted. On Wednesdays however, all students are expected to sign into a Webex meeting (an online website which allows people to gather in an online meeting with video, audio, and screen-sharing abilities) with their teachers for each of their classes. This is for social distancing reasons, as less students will be on campus at the same time and there is more time that students spend at home, safe from the coronavirus.

Though most students won’t enjoy this type of schedule because it separates them from their friends, some might like it better. If one has a desk in their room they might find that space as a more comfortable work environment. Besides personal feelings, the hybrid schedule is just there to stop the spread of COVID-19 in schools. As of December first, there have been over 200,000 confirmed cases in Maricopa County alone. In all of Arizona there have been around 350,000 confirmed cases ( Unfortunately, these cases continue to rise and schools are doing their best to keep students safe while continuing to give them proper education. In our current situation, a hybrid schedule is probably the best thing we can do to help stop the spread of Covid. This schedule will, for now, only last from Monday, December seventh through winter break. More changes are sure to come as Arizona discovers how best to handle the COVID-19 problem. Learn how to do your part to stop the spread of the coronavirus at

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