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Life Skill Chicken Fried Rice


Life Skills is a popular elective at Greenfield Jr. High, and for good reason. In this class students get to learn basic life skills, hence the name, like cooking, sewing, child development, jobs and resumes, and more. Today the students of Ms. D’s fourth hour Life Skills class are making chicken fried rice.

First, they  meet in their groups to decide their roles: head chef, sous-chef, chief bottle washer, waiter/waitress, and helper. Then they start cooking.

After picking roles, everyone goes to gather the ingredients listed on their recipe sheet to make combining everything easier. This is a process Ms. D likes to call Mise en Placing (Me-zohn-plahs-ing) all your goods.

Finally, students can follow their recipe directions and start cooking.

Ms. D carefully monitors the young cooks and makes sure they stay safe and follow directions.

All their hard work proves to be worth it now that the students can sit down with their fresh food and eat for the remainder of the class period.

By following Ms. D’s recipe they made a delicious chicken fried rice.

All Picture Credits:

Alessy Madero

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