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Brooklyn Curt

Makailya BetnerGRZEXP Staff

Brooklyn Curt is an 8th grade student. Brooklyn Curt is an amazing person and loves to help people when someone is hurting. This girl is a very outgoing person who loves to be with friends. If you want to be friends with her, she will be friends with you. It is very easy to become friends with her because of how kind she is. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she loves to get and give gifts. Her favorite place to travel is Hawaii with her family. 

 She was born on April 13,2007 in Hawaii. Brooklyn is a very generous person. She always has something nice to say and if the person is being mean to her she just tried to avoid it.  Her favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. Also her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. Brooklyn has made a lot of new friends this year and has got really close with some of her friends. Brooklyn’s favorite color is like a lavender or light purple. This year she hopes to accomplish her double back tuck in tumbling. She says, “I am almost there, I practice everyday to try and learn it.” Many people say, “Brooklyn is a very well socialized person and that she is a very well accomplished athlete.”  

However, there are some days that Brooklyn goes down hill and has a very bad day but no matter what she still pushes through it. It is so amazing how hard her life is but you can’t even tell because she doesn’t take out her anger on other people. Brooklyn is a very outgoing and athletic person to be around and don’t be scared to ask her to be friends. One time Brooklyn was jumping on a trampoline and she tried doing a backflip and she landed on her neck but she didn’t get hurt it was just super funny.

Featured Image: Image Taken By Mikailya

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