Features Profile

Ms. Dominiak

Michael Evans – GRZEXP Staff

Ms.Dominak has been a teacher for seven years. Within those seven years, she has inspired a lot of young minds and has expanded them along with opening their brains to new possibilities. 

Ms. Dominak chose to be a teacher because she loves to help kids and loves education. She got both her master’s and two bachelors from GCU. Ms. Domanik has not been a fan of giving out homework. Along with that being said, she says “Anything you don’t finish in class will be homework unless I say otherwise.” She is one of the nicest teachers you could ever have and want. She isn’t like other teachers where they explain things super fast. She will take her time and help you if you are lost. She also does tutoring after and before school and during lunch, which is helpful if you are confused in that class or any class. Any time you take notes, she will say that if you are quiet and finish it all then you will get free time. With free time you are allowed to talk to friends and be on your phone. When or if she gives out work to do you can sometimes work with a partner of your choosing. Along with that, when working with a partner she expects you to help each other and stay on task. Ms. Dominak’s phone rule is that they must be put away unless given permission. Then all of her other rules are the same as the one in other classes.

Ms. Dominak is one of the most helpful teachers you could have. Anytime you need help in any class, she is the person to go to. She cares about her kids and their education and will help them fulfill their dreams.

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