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Review: PacSun

PacSun is a very neat old style store. A lot of teens nowadays like to shop at PacSun. It is a store that is kind of in between on prices, not too expensive but not too cheap. This store is rated a 2.18 which is not the best, but it still has very good customer service and clothing choices. It states on, “PacSun is mostly a high school brand so if you are older most people would definitely avoid it. 

Although, they have some good quality pants, but for the most part their whole store is very childlike themed and the quality won’t last you more than a few months if that. Many customers have problems with PacSun, but still seem to shop there because it is great quality. Most problems happen online with their shipping and saving stuff in their cart. PacSun also tries to limit the amount of people that can go inside the store to about twenty people at a time due to Covid-19. Many try to shop online so that they don’t have to go in store. However, that is also the problem about all these people shopping online the company may have to upgrade their systems. If that gets done, then people can shop online without having any problems.

In Conclusion, PacSun is a store for teenagers that are into vintage kind of style. If you are a skinny jeans person, then this might not be the store for you. Younger kids seem to like it more cause they want to wear what is in style to be like others. Sometimes PacSun is for younger kids and not just for teens but most of the time it is recommended for teens. Other than that, many people think that, it is a great store to shop at.

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