Are We Alone?

GRZEXP Staff- Ashlyn Johnson

Not many people believe it. There are some, but there are also those that refuse to fathom such ideas. Though, it’s not as unlikely as it may seem. In all creation, through every galaxy and the millions of stars that stretch infinitely across space, is it truly only us out there? Are we truly alone? Or is there another truth, a hidden truth, just waiting to be discovered. There have been multiple UFO sightings, multiple events that have been unexplainable by  humankind and baffled scientists for generations. Anybody can type UFO sightings into Google and be bombarded with results. Not all of it may be credible information, but even classified government agencies like the Pentagon have released videos of unidentified flying objects in the Earth’s atmosphere. The Pentagon has an entire program just for UFO sightings and evidence, known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). There have been other instances like the Phoenix Lights and things that can’t be explained by human laws of nature. There have not only been UFO sightings, but abduction claims as well. 

One of the most famous of these cases occurred in our very own Snowflake, Arizona. Supposedly, 22 year old American lumberjack Travis Walton was abducted by aliens on November 5, 1975 while working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests with a timber stand improvement crew of six other men. Walter claimed to have exited him and his co-worker’s truck to investigate a mysterious saucer shaped object hovering above the ground, making a high pitched buzz. Both him and his co-workers reported a beam of light zapped and knocked him unconscious, so they drove away in panic without him. Five days later, he found himself walking along a highway and stopped at a telephone booth to call for help. He reported memories of short aliens and even human-like figures observing him on a table in a hospital-like room. Although Walter and his co-workers, to this day, claim they have experienced these events, authorities have gathered more logic and evidence to determine this ordeal as a hoax rather than a real occurrence. Even so, his experience has been rewritten into a novel “Fire In The Sky: The Walton Experience”, as well as a movie. 

This artist’s illustration represents the couple of planetary-mass brown dwarfs Ophiuchus 98. As they are very young, they are still evolving in the molecular clouds that saw their birth.

Although, not all abduction cases were labeled as a hoax. The well known “Hill Abduction” of Barney and Betty Hill occurred on September 19, 1961, around 10:30 p.m., just south of Lancasrer, New Hampshire. The couple was driving peacefully back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal. They spotted a bright point of light moving in mysterious motions, though the pair was unsure of what exactly the light was. Betty claimed it resembled a shooting star that shot upward, while Barney classified it as a commercial airliner, though his mind was soon changed when it began to descend toward them. They drove as fast as they could before they were closed in on from above by the monstrous, rotating craft. They claimed to have encountered several humanoid figures in black uniforms and caps that told them to stay put. What happened next was all a blur, until they were led back to their car and continued their drive. After the supposed abduction, Betty had many nightmares that seemed so realistic they were almost like flashbacks, from the unknown being’s greyish skin to how they examined and tested her, all of the details haunted her long after the incident. Benjamin Simon of Boston investigated the couple with hypnosis, helping each of them recall the details of their encounter with such accuracy Betty had tears spill down her face as she explained what had happened. Barney had similar memories, and Simon could conclude that they genuinely believed they had witnessed the event, it was no hoax. Even the couple themselves at times were convinced it was only a dream, but many of their items were brung to labs for investigation, and found damaged or affected in some way by the event. The evidence of the encounter piled up, and although we can never be sure, there is definitely a real possibility the Hills are telling the truth about what happened to them that September night. 

These are only a couple of the many cases or sightings reported all around the world. Every year the number of these cases increase, and have even been caught on video, like the mysterious blue object spotted over Hawaii that crashed into the ocean, but when authorities went to examine the scene, there was no evidence of a crash. There are also instances like the New Jersey sighting that turned out only to be a Blimp making its way across the blue skies. There are a lot of questions still to be answered, but we come closer to answering these questions every day. Someday, we will truly be able to answer one of the most important questions of all. Are we alone?

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