Valentines Day


What is Valentines really about? Many people believe  it is for couples and bring candy to school for friends, well that’s correct. In the 3rd century (A.D.) two ancient Romans were both named Valentine on the same day, February 14th. You are probably thinking “what?”. Yes, that is how Valentine’s day became a thing. The name Valentine means “strong, healthy, brave” and in some cases “love”. There are many definitions for this name. This might seem silly to most people, but it was a big deal back then. Beautiful Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Idea / DIY Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Paige Francis says, “I love Valentine’s day because my crush can ask me to be his Valentine”. Do you think teens like Valentine’s day more for candy or love? There was a survey taken, three teens say they like Valentine’s day for the candy and 2 teens say for the love. Some girls like to be funny and ask their friends to be their valentine. It is not a big deal for teens on valentines day. Most people when they think about this day, think of “Oh, just another day in the year, that I get candy.” 

Most schools sell candy grams the week of Valentines day. Elementary school usually has a party and eats snacks and watches a movie, to celebrate. In middle school/junior high, they usually don’t have a party. For them it is just a normal day. People like this day because they get candy. For adults they might have a date night, or watch movies at home. For teens it is for fun and for adults it is a little more special. 

Valentine’s day is a thing because two men were named Valentine on the same day. This day is not as important as Christmas or any other holiday. Valentine’s day is for candy and love. 

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