Brandy Melville

GRZEXP Staff- Isabel Venegas

Brandy Melville is a clothing company that sells a lot of trendy clothing for teens and young adults. Some of their clothes are very basic and you can find a lot of people wearing them. The company originated from Italy and was established by Silvio Masan and his son, Stephan Masan in 1970. They got the name after an American girl named Brandy and a English boy named Melville who fell in love in Rome. Most of the clothing is sold in California,  but Brandy Melville has a total of 97 different locations.

Although people come in many different shapes and sizes, Brandy Melville only sells in one size, which I personally think this is unfair. I’m not the smallest person and I would like to wear the clothing. This could be degrading to young girls that can’t fit into their clothing.  The reason the clothing is only one size is because the company reuses fabric and clothing patterns. Their clothing is a bit pricey, their prices are from 35 dollars to 100. Three percent of its income goes to organizations supporting the environment, body positivity and equal rights.  However you are getting good quality clothing for the price their shirts are easy to breathe in if baggy.

On the other hand, the clothing is very cute and very popular. You could make many outfits with the pieces of clothing. American Eagle and Brandy Melville carry many of the same pieces. They have been competing with each other since 2009. Whereas for American Eagle they don’t hire employees just because they are pretty and skinny. Brandy Melville does this, on LDNFASHION it states that Brandy does “it’s a requirement of the application process and several people have reported being offered a job after simply shopping at the store”. Brandy Melville is an overall good brand. They may want to have more sizes so more ranges of people come to the store. 

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