Features Profile

Grant Lansden


Photo of Grant Lansden taken by Jace Luginbyhl.

Grant Lansden was born in the city Tucson, Arizona on October 9th 2007. He spent most of his life growing up in Tucson and Gilbert. He spends his time hanging out with his cat named Tigers, and his dog named Peanut. He is the youngest of four children in his family. He is thirteen and has a twin who is also 13, a 14 and a 22 year old brother. He spends his time doing hobbies. He loves to play sports, mostly football, taking pictures and playing video games. Grant also enjoys playing with his cat. He is really good at saving money, which is a hard skill to have, and playing football. He likes playing with his friends in his free time. He will often play basketball and football with them and will also play sports video games. When they are not available, he says he will sometimes, “Hop on the Xbox and lose track of time.” His plans when he is older is to start working at a fast food restaurant and when he can, move up to a better job and do that over and over again until he is rich. 

Grant really enjoys playing football with his brothers and sometimes, on some occasions, plays video games with them. The reason why Grant enjoys playing football is because he is being active and having fun and it is a competition for him too. His favorite things are money, cool hats, his cat, sleeping in, and eating food. At school, he has many friends to hang with and in P.E, is almost always the MVP of the game. He is really athletic and a really great friend to have. He is always kind to you no matter if you’re his friend, or a new student at school.

Photo Credits:

Jace Luginbyhl

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