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Should Homework Be Banned?

Makailya Betner – GRZEXP Staff

Do you think Homework should be banned? Many kids struggle with homework, they say that it can be very stressful. Younger kids have lots of homework for no reason. If we have school five days a week, then why do we need to have homework if we already learn it in class. Kids have a life outside of school that doesn’t need to be spent on doing homework. It should be spent going to a friends house, doing sports, or something active. 

In Addition, a lot of teachers fail to explain everything needed to complete their homework. Most parents can’t always help their child with their homework if they don’t know how to do it. Some students’ parents don’t get home from work until it is late and the student has to go to bed. Then, when the student is confused and has to turn it in the next day but they didn’t finish it because there was no one to help them, they get in trouble. Homework is what can drop your grade if you don’t do it because you don’t understand it and your teacher still doesn’t help you with your problems. Some teachers do agree with me on why it should be banned, but there are also teachers that say “It will refresh your mind and keep it fresh in your mind.” Without homework, kids will still remember what they have learned if you do the same thing at least two days of the school week. 

However, most teachers say “If you don’t finish it in class then it is homework.” Some students want homework and get homework, but at this point homework should be an option. A lot of parents and students get overwhelmed because of how much teachers give out when it should only be one page of homework. I believe that homework should be banned because it just makes it harder on the student if they don’t get it done and start to panic.

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