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GRZEXP Staff – Alexus Trentham

What do you think of when the word Alpaca comes up? Most imagine a llama while others get confused. Alpacas were discovered 10 million years ago in the plains of North America. They can be found wild in Chile or Peru. Alpacas are an ancient species that have many advantages in their fiber and ways of survival. Their scientific name is the Vicugna pacos. Many farms around the country own and breed alpacas to sell their fiber, also known as their fur.

The Vicugna pacos are a herding breed. If not in a group of three or more than the animal will die. When kept on a farm they stick together and protect their young. They are not known to kick or spit very much; leave that to the llamas. Alpacas will only harm if they feel threatened or scared. They can live up to twenty years of age and a mass of 110-190 pounds. Try not to be surprised when standing next to one, they seem like bigger mammals but they only grow up to about 2.7-3.2 feet tall. This species love the cold because they are normally found in mountains with high altitude. The Vicugna pacos population is growing by the day. Yet still one female Alpaca can only give birth once a year. This is because the gestation period is eleven to twelve months.

Alpacas are becoming more popular by the minute. Fashion designers and clothing brands are starting to make products with alpaca fiber. As stated before fiber can also be known as their fur coat. Alpaca fiber has the benefit of being water resistant, fire resistant, and hypoallergenic. On top of that it is extremely fluffy and soft.

These loved species are definitely something that will continue growing in popularity. While spreading throughout the country as well and many other nations the small fluffy creatures are sure to make people stop and sight see. At the end of the day, Alpacas have become very popular in the fashion and normal day world. 

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