Being Separated From Friends

GRZEXP Staff – Skylie Sorensen

Separation Anxiety is pretty explanatory just by hearing it, and a couple people get this feeling when being separated from people or things they’ve grown fond of. However, it is not just separation anxiety where we tend to feel when we lose something. This feeling hurts for a very long time, and you might not be able to forget it. Some people might be scared of losing something important to them such as a friend. If you’re someone who has a hard time making friends, it’s tough to lose a friend you got to know over a specific period of time. I’ve had a hard time making friends over the years and I’m getting better at making them. 

Next year, when eighth graders head to highschool, people might have a couple friends who aren’t going to the same school. Take me for example, I have a good friend group. I get to have hilarious conversations at lunch, but I might have to go to a different school next year. Yes, I might not see them for a while, or even longer, but I got to know different people in all my classes. No matter what school I go to I’m bound to know at least one person. If I don’t know anyone, I don’t have a problem with being alone sometimes. Plus, my third year of high school my brother gets to come so I’ll have him, and he can’t leave me because no matter how many times I tried to ignore him he’s always right behind in my tracks.

 No matter where you go, someone’s bound to follow, your friends will always be there for you. Being separated can damage people. It hurts to lose a friend you trust. Making new friends is easy and you might meet a person who will stick by your side forever. Stay close with the friends you have even if it means just waving to them when you two cross paths.

Featured Image Credits- https://www.picpedia.org/chalkboard/f/friendship.html

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